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Pure Maple Syrup | 500 ml

Pure Maple Syrup | 500 ml

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Indulge in the rich, all-natural goodness of Maple Orchard Farms' Grade A Pure Maple Syrup, crafted with care in the heart of Bracebridge, Ontario. This exquisite amber-rich syrup, available in a generous 500 ml bottle, is a testament to the finest quality and authentic taste that only Canada's pristine maple trees can offer.

Our Grade A Maple Syrup boasts a delectably robust flavour profile, characterized by its deep, caramelized notes and a velvety smooth texture. Sourced from the bountiful Canadian maple groves, each drop embodies the essence of nature's purest sweetness.

Carefully harvested and expertly processed, this premium syrup undergoes a meticulous production process to ensure its Grade A classification, signifying its unparalleled quality and exceptional taste. Versatile and perfect for enhancing an array of dishes, from fluffy pancakes and waffles to savoury marinades and glazes, it's the ultimate pantry staple.

Maple Orchard Farms takes pride in delivering a product that captures the essence of tradition, authenticity, and superior taste. Elevate your meals and sweeten your moments with our 500 ml bottle of Grade A Pure Maple Syrup—a true Muskoka treasure brought to you by nature's own maple legacy.


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Your purchase makes a global impact

Artisan Trading Post is a social enterprise that works to bridge the geographical distance of the Americas. Our products are ethically sourced and fairly traded in Ecuador for customers in North America.

Not only do our artisans get fairly paid for their work, but when you purchase one of our products, we donate to local and global charity partners that support important causes. Examples of work we support include mental health initiatives in Muskoka, and youth programs by Youth for Christ, serving in Ecuador and cities throughout Canada.