Investing in artisans and preserving the manual arts

Our products are ethically made and fairly traded. When you purchase one of our unique products, you're helping us ensure the knowledge and expertise of making  beautiful creations get passed down to a new generation of artisans. 

We donate to local and global charity partners from every purchase to support important causes. Examples of work we support include mental health initiatives in Muskoka, and youth programs by Youth for Christ, serving in Ecuador and cities throughout Canada.

Our priorities

Fair trade.

We work with local and global artisans and ensure our products are ethically traded. Many of our products are imported from our partner Apresto Taller in Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador, but we also love to support many local Muskoka artisans.

Small batch.

We strive to only cary small-batch handmade products that aren't mass-produced. We believe in the importance of preserving the manual arts and intentionally invest in talented artisans who make beautiful things with their hands. We want to ensure priceless artistic knowledge will pass on to future generations.


We care about our planet and people, and know our customers and artisans do too. Our products are made with natural, organic, and recycled materials so they last longer and never go out of style. Our artisans do their best to limit the use of harmful products. Proceeds from every product we sell fund important local and global social programs.

Hand-picked and handmade for Muskoka

We handpick all of our products and are always on the hunt for unique and useful items that work for life in Canada. Although most of our products come from Ecuador, we also work with other talented fair trade artisans around the world and in our own backyard.

  • Create

    Products that fall in this category are designed and handmade in our Apresto Taller workshop in Ecuador by the artisans we employ full-time. Examples include our leather goods like bags, wallets, and passport holders.

  • Partner

    We know that creativity thrives on collaboration so we work with skilled artisans all over the world to create unique and beautiful products. For some products like towels, blankets, light fixtures and baskets, we collaborate with artisans on designs and patterns.

  • Social Impact

    A select line of products provide additional funds and support to different social causes and charities. This is on top of the standard donation we make to our core partners like Youth for Christ in Ecuador.

Honouring & preserving Indigenous artistic practices

Our logo draws inspiration from ancient Chorrera ceramics. The Chorrera lived in south America and created some of the earliest forms of pottery found in the New World. Unfortunately, their decoratively complex pottery can no longer be recreated because their knowledge was never passed down to the next generation of artisans.

Artisan Trading Post wants to prevent that from happening again by partnering with skilled artisans and loyal customers like you to preserve these Indigenous artistic practices.

Photo: Chorrera human effigy fragment, Musée d'Aucha.

How your purchase impacts lives

Artisan Trading Post is a social enterprise that works to have a positive impact on global communities through handcrafted arts. Our products are ethically sourced and fairly traded.

When you buy one of our products, we donate to local and global charity partners that support important causes. Examples of work we support include mental health initiatives in Muskoka, and youth programs by Youth for Christ, serving in Ecuador and cities throughout Canada.