Samantha Wyatt | Good Twill Bunting

Samantha Wyatt | Good Twill Bunting

Samantha first fell in love with bunting while living in England during the Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics. Bunting lined the streets and created a celebratory feeling that stuck in her mind. She started tinkering around with bunting a few years later, after the birth of her daughter. Calling on Samantha's childhood sewing lessons, she looked at a few beautiful dresses her daughter outgrew that she couldn’t bear to part with, but also couldn’t see the benefit to tucking in a box and sought to craft a more useable keepsake.

"While the first iteration was a bit wonky– although it does still hang in her bedroom– I have enjoyed the process of refining and adapting the styles that I create. It brings me great joy hearing about the reasons why people are interested in bunting or what they are celebrating," says Samantha.

"This craft reminds me of all of the ways we celebrate, even the small moments each day." –Samantha Wyatt, Good Twill Bunting

Some of her favourite bunting creations to date include: nursery decor for a much anticipated new baby, adding cheer for a loved one in a nursing home, celebrating upcoming nuptials, honouring a passed love one, decorating a refurbished RV ripe for adventure, decor for an Oktoberfest party, adorning a boat house, creating a feel of Christmas nostalgia, or many times starting a new family birthday tradition.

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